Jute&Wool rug Thribu

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Jute and natural wool rug designed to add neutral style and a cozy atmosphere.
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Natural jute rug with an elegant pattern. They are rugs that, due to their thickness, are useful as insulators and provide a large and cold space with a touch of warmth and naturalness.

Apply a natural and elegant touch to any space of your choice! Feel comfortable and relax!


Jute is a natural fiber with a golden silky sheen, which is why it is called golden fiber. It is a tropical plant from which this fiber is extracted, cultivated in warm climates such as those of India and Bangladesh, among others. Wool is a 100% organic fiber that is obtained through the skin of the sheep. The shearing of the sheep is necessary for their well-being so that both the sheep and the human get benefits, we the wool and the sheep in the summer time are better.

They are hand-woven rugs, therefore there may be differences in shapes, thicknesses, patterns and sizes typical of manual manufacturing.

The colors of the rugs will be perceived differently, depending on the viewing angle.


– They are stain resistant and long-lasting rugs.

– Easy to care for, they can be vacuum cleaned.

– Dry cleaning


Jute – a 50% natural and biodegradable fiber.

Wool- 50%


5-7 days

Shipping worldwide from Spain with tracking number

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60x90cm – 1.9×2.9ft, 90x150cm – 4.9×2.9ft, 130x190cm – 6.2×4.3ft, 160x230cm – 7.5×5.2ft, 200x280cm – 6.5×9.2ft


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