In Fhygge we use different creation techniques from hand drawings on paper to digitally worked illustrations to take care of every detail. Our creations are made to fill your space in a cozy and personal way.




Designs inspired by the shapes, colors and textures of plants that inhabit nature. We transfer existing organic patterns to our creations that result in unique pieces that make you feel calm with your surroundings in your own home.


Drawings made looking for the essential forms and the most relevant elements that make up the piece represented. They do not seek perfection and are worked with organic and gestural lines.


We live in the world with different wildlife and really special animal species. Look at their peculiarities, learn from each original and unique feature to transfer them to paper, is one of our challenges. Every natural and living element that surrounds us can teach us something.


The little ones must grow, play and enjoy in a quiet, original and unique space. That is why Fhygge could not miss a category for them, to fill their rooms with color and expression and make them their own.